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Still trying to figure out how to do things
 you've seen on other websites?

"Thank you, Vidya, for the superb job you did on the message boards at www.ozpeopletrace.com.au  It reached well above my expectations, every part of the system has obviously received considerable thought, and it allows ease of operation at each function."
                                                              John, OZpeopletrace

Thanks much for investigating my services (and the website add-ons I offer.) Here's a brief overview. And by the way, I'm very personal when I work with people.  When you (or send me your phone number,) I'll get right back to you to chat about what needs being done.  If you need any website work done, you'll find I'm really easy to work with... and I always make certain I know exactly what you want, before beginning...

I have found that there are several main things that you must have if you want a successful website that gathers lots of attention and really gets the word out. By working with dozens of clients, I have found what works -- and what doesn't -- and what people need on their websites.

Here's a list of some essentials:

  • A periodical email newsletter

  • Reciprocal Links

  • A Tell a Friend button on articles & pages

  • Methods where visitors can interact with you and your website


Now, you'll find lots of Internet marketers wanting to sell you "quick fixes" to get your website promoted more. But I've seen that most of these quick fixes are a way for the promoters to make money themselves. The only really successful way to develop your website and get it in front of many visitors is to do the leg-work. (Actually, that's probably true of most things that succeed.)

   Assets For The Long-Term

All those items I've mentioned above can require time and energy. But they are the things that will gather the most results, and keep 'em coming. They're not a one-time, shot-in-the- dark gimmick. They're assets for the long-term. Without a strategy for the long-term, a site won't be around for very long.

For example, I've got many reciprocal links on my sites, and I get lots of visitors coming in from those links (I track them.) This is something that doesn't go away. Once you have links pointing at you from other sites, that's a permanent thing.

But it's not something you can do in one day. It requires focus and time to do the work. And some database knowledge to keep track of who's linking to you and from where, etc. And then publishing the links on your website.

Yes, it requires someone to work at this. But the results you get are worth the time put in. A hand-crafted set of reciprocal links are worth their weight, so to speak. Every time-tested Internet expert will agree on that one.

Without some tools to assist you in the links gathering process, you can find yourself eating up hours and hours of your valuable time. I offer a system called Max Links which can save you a huge amount of time.

   Email Newsletters Are Invaluable

To have a successful website, a periodical email newsletter is practically essential. I have one called "Web Wise News" and on another site, the "Awakening Path."

Email newsletters are invaluable. While serving as a communications tool, they get you many other benefits, too. It's like tapping your subscribers on the shoulder every couple of weeks (or monthly) and saying, "Hey. Remember us?"

Here's the basic "how-to" for newsletters.

Your subscriber list is a goldmine for anything you might sell, too. I occasionally send "Special Issues" with great offers -- which works well.

When a visitor comes to your site, one of your main priorities has to be to get his/her email address (as they subscribe to your email newsletter.) That will enable you to keep reminding the subscribers that you exist, and keep them coming back to your site, over and over.

Many newsletter publishers spend vast quantities of time, maintaining their subscriber list. Adding new subscribers, changing addresses, and deleting invalid email addresses can take an incredible amount of time.  So why not install a subscription system on your website that frees you totally, from any list maintenance?  And makes the sending of your newsletters as easy as filling in a form, and pressing a button to send your news to all your subscribers? Max List is how you do that!

   Website Promotion by Word-of-Mouth

Every one of my newsletter articles also has a button saying, "Like this article? Send it to a friend!" Or a button (like the blue button above, on the left) that says Tell A Friend About This Page. Go ahead and click on it to see what happens...

And I get an email for every article recommended. For tracking purposes. It's so much fun to write an article and then watch as it gets sent all over the world by people recommending it to their friends -- who then come and visit your website.

And another way for visitors to interact with your website is to leave comments on your articles (or any pages.) I offer a system called Max Comments. For every article you publish on your website, your readers can leave comments about the article they've just read, at the end of the article. When I installed Max Comments for my first client, he got 324 new people in the first week! And his site wasn't even known as a high-traffic site.

   Selling Your Products

Now, what about selling your products (or services) on your website? People have become familiar and comfortable with using Shopping Carts on the Internet. And my Max Shopcart is an easy way for you to offer your customer that same facility. Your payments can come from credit cards or checks (or you can even process the orders offline, with your own equipment, if you prefer.)


OK? I'm probably preaching to the choir, here. You may already know this. All of these and a few more are essential.

You can find products here that you can install on your website by yourself, that will accomplish all these things.  Or you can ask an expert to install them for you. Of course, if you're experienced with installing database programs on your website, these will be easy to install. (They're designed that way.)

   Looking For An Expert?    *Ahem*

I wrote a lot of these website add-ons because my clients needed them. These are real-life solutions to real-life problems. Every one of them helps you solve the puzzle of how to get more visitors to your site -- or how to keep them there.

Here's my proposal to you:  I can offer the website add-ons for you to install yourself. Or I can do it for you. OR I can offer you my services as your webmaster, for whatever needs doing. This is the way I develop new products -- by working with real people to solve real problems. And then I pass on these tools to others. I doubt you'll find anyone who can do these things faster than me. (I've got time-in, so to speak.)

One of the points that I made above is that these tasks can eat up your time. They're not Internet freebies. But as long as they take time, why not use someone who knows how to make use of that time, in the most productive manner?

If you'd like me to do some webmaster work for you, I suggest we work out a schedule for the number of hours a week you'd like me to put in, on each category. I charge a reasonable rate, consisent with industry standards.

OK? So that's my proposal. These are things you need to do if you want to create a lot of visitors and have an active community. And I'm the person who can get all these things going for you.

The easiest way to contact me is


(also known as Burton Smith)


P.S.  If you'd like to see some sites that I've worked on, let me suggest www.innerworkspublishing.com

All links on the links page were gathered by me.

And also www.averi.com. Her links page is here.

Also www.inspiredliving.com

And you could look at the testimonials.

And...   well, you get the idea!



Vidya Ishaya
(also known as Burton Smith)
Durango, CO

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