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Web Development Services

Web Development Services

Thanks for investigating my services. Here's a brief overview of what I have to offer. And by the way, I'm very personal when I work with people.  When you email me (or send me your phone number,) I'll get right back to you to chat about what needs being done.  You'll find I'm really easy to work with... and I always make certain I know exactly what you want, before beginning.

Website Design and Construction

Perhaps the best thing to do is just show you some examples of what I've done. The first example would be this site you're looking at -- Web Wise Sage -- which is admittedly a very simple site -- all that's needed to accomplish the objective. Then, these few:

Yes, I tend to specialize in "spiritual growth - consciousness related" websites. Whatever you see on any of those sites that you like, I can do the same for you.

The Development Process

Here's the way it usually goes....   the clients know what needs to go on their website, and ask me to put it up for them. If it's a brand-new site, we look at some designs and choose one. If it's an already existing site, then I use the established design. Pages are created with new text and graphics (usually provided by the client, but I can help with graphics.) And a "navigation" system is defined (or refined) to get from one page to another.

You can choose to have a website designed from "scratch" or we can create one using Joomla, for which you have a choice of thousands of themes.

Next, we do add-ons which are already developed programs that we just plug in to the website. Over the year, I have developed quite a sizable library for the these add-ons. Since I wrote all the code, I know just what to do if some customization is needed. For example, many websites have a newsletter subscription process. That's a simple example of code I have developed for several websites.

Another important part of any webpage is the Social Sharing.  (See the ones just to your left?)  That's another very effective way to get the word spread around. And I have code that allows you to know exactly who pushed what buttons on your site to do such social sharing.

And if you wish to sell products or services on your website, a shopping cart with a secure payment processor is essential for handling credit cards. The shopping cart I have developed starts with a database entry screen where you fill in all the information about your products or services. Then you just associate the product number of the item with a given Add to Cart button. This solves a number of security problems.

Empowering You

But once again, let me say that I started out by doing all the services of a webmaster for my clients. They paid me an hourly rate for the services I provided. But then I discovered that I could write tools that allowed the clients to do things themselves, thus saving themselves from having to pay my hourly fees. And empowering themselves to manage their own websites.

All the tools and processes I created come from working with real clients with real needs. These needs are the same needs of everyone who has a website. Sure, I still work with clients to manage their websites. That's how I know what processes are needed. But my first love is development of these processes. And this works out well for me -- and for you -- because you can save lots of hourly fees by just having me install one of these processes.

But you know what?  Lots of folks still want someone else to do it all for them. So I still have clients like that -- and thus, I get to develop more add-ons as their needs are described to me.  What would I do without such clients, eh?

Just Let Me Know What You Need

If you'd like me to do some web development work for you, I suggest we work out a schedule for the number of hours a week you'd like me to put in. I charge an hourly rate that is lower than industry standards. Because I prefer to be an independent freelancer. My usual fee is $25 an hour. (Just to let you know, I could be bringing down $80 an hour or more if I worked for a major software development corporation.) But I won't do that. I had enough of that. Now I work on my own and at much better rates.

So if you'd like me to work with you, here's how you can contact me.


Burton Smith

If you have any further questions, feel free to use the Contact page on this site.