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"I've been working with Burton for about a year now and he has added a lot of great features to enhance my web site, one of which has significantly increased subscriptions to my newsletters. He works fast, is easy to work with, is very affordable and has great integrity. I'm grateful that I found him because his work has added exceptional value to my web site."

Carol James
Inspired Living


Thank you again Burton for your good work :) You are fast, responsible, creative, problem-solving oriented, fairly priced, extremely competent and knowledgeable, and very pleasant to work with.

Todd Lerner


"Should you choose Burton to assist you, you will have chosen wisely. He is impeccable in his honesty, fulfilling his promises, completing work in a timely fashion, and standing behind his 'product' which is of utmost importance to me as I had had unsavory experiences in the past. Burton restored my faith. I admire that he treats anothers site as if it were his own and lives what he teaches in his business interactions. Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me."

Sue Dallmann


Burton is efficient, organized and reliable. It quickly became evident that he has worked hard to establish a good relationship and reputation with numerous mind/body/spirit sites -- making him a valuable helper for us at a reasonable rate. We highly recommend him!

June Soyka Cook, Founder
Self-Healing Expressions


"I found Burton to be very efficient and professional. He performed all the promised tasks in a complete and timely manner. He seems to be highly respected amongst his former clients and other member of the web-community. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wishes to expand the readership of their website."

Suzan Caroll


"Burton has helped me many times because I'm very much a novice when it comes to computers. The thing that I like most about his help is that he is very concise, clear and patient. When it came to my setting up my website, he was a lifesaver. His patience and thorough guidance, to a novice like myself, was so comforting. It made me feel like I could accomplish this very challenging creation with confidence. One other thing that I felt very good about was, when he quoted me a price, that was the price, no surprises or unexpected costs. Plus his price was more than fair. And the best part is, I know if I have any problems with my site, Burton is the only person I will need to contact because of his expertise. Thanks Burton, for all your help. And the feeling of confidence I feel knowing you are there for whatever comes up when it comes to computers."

Juanita Christy


"Burton was recommended and he created cyberspace magic for me. I am extremely pleased with his efficiency, fast responses, and careful attention to detail. And his rates are more than reasonable. If you would like a sensitive and spiritual like-minded soul to help you design a site, that's Burton."

Donna Wolfe Gatti


"Thanks, Burton, for your very responsive, excellent work on my web site.  I have learned that you will go the second mile in assisting me to provide a peaceful, thought-provoking site.  Your prompt and speedy work is deeply appreciated.  I also know that I can count on you for computer advice, which is a gift to be cherished.  All of this, in combination with your own dedication to Spirit, renders you a fine co-worker!  "

Nancy Detweiler
Bridging the Gap Ministries


"Burton is honest, hardworking, keeps on the ball, paying attention to exactly what my special needs are. He responds very quickly to emails and obviously does such a fine 'on-top-of-it' kind of job that I was left no choice but to change his mandate and ask him to work with me on a continuous basis.... You will not be disappointed with results and rapport when working with Burton even if you live far away from him."

Layne Dalfen
Dream Analyst


"The results of our recent campaign exceeded my expectations. We had over 100 new subscriptions to our ezine within the first few days of inquiries. And the requests on still coming in! His work also introduced me to several valuable partnerships for more in-depth collaboration on articles, books, and professional networking. Thank you for offering prompt, high-value service."

Suzanne Zoglio, Ph.D.
Author, Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul


"Could it be you did too good a job? JUST JOKING!! You are great! It was better than expected. You are totally honest & sincere. Very hard working and really knew what you are doing I hope to work with you again."

Pauline Southard